Give your patients a voice

Our patient surveys help you to strengthen the relationship with each patient by giving them a voice to share all that’s good and bad about their experience.

The surveys are designed with patients in mind – they’re fun, informal and only take a few minutes to complete. We’ve made things even easier by allowing access whenever and wherever they may be, on any web browser or via our iOS and Android apps.


Listen on a whole new level

Our intelligent dashboards make it easy to understand how your patient relationships develop over time.

They drown out the noise and allow you to focus on the things that matter most to them and spot potential problems before they escalate.


Get to the heart of what matters most

Our reports ensure the data that can make the biggest difference ends up in the hands of the right people to act on those insights. We use sentiment analysis AI to assign scores to every piece of feedback, so you know where the gaps are in the experience.

We also monitor trends over time so you can see if the changes you make are having the desired effect.

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