Vibe Surveys | Listen, Learn, Act and Improve.  

Employee engagement and cultural optimisation is in our DNA.

The Vibe survey platform was originally co-created in the UK with Virgin Trains. Today, Vibe continues to be trusted by organisations across private, public and charity sectors to deliver a scalable, adaptable, unbiased and secure GDPR compliant feedback and survey platform.

Vibe Surveys enable organisations to gather deep actionable insights to help meet their employee experience and cultural optimisation goals and objectives, which in turn improves relationships.

What's different about Vibe to other employee or customer survey platforms?

Vibe uses an exclusive blend of tried and tested methodologies including OCEAN, IAT and other psychometric profiling systems to put each respondent into one of eight thinking profile categories that are aligned to the organisational values.

Vibe compares and contrasts the qualitative and quantitative questions with the image-based questions - implicit association tests (IAT) - to return a more accurate insight. 

Implicit association tests (IAT) uses pictures to contrast the explicit attitudes (attitudes which are overtly expressed) can be easily measured, simply by asking individuals to state their views on a given topic with implicit attitudes (unconscious, automatic feelings) and associations, separate from one’s explicit attitudes. 

Vibe allows you to do all of the above in one simple, easy-to-use and intuitive hub.


How Vibe works:


How Vibe Surveys Work

How Your Business will Benefit from Vibe:


The Benefits of Vibe


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