Empower your people to drive their own development

Vibe 360 is an innovative feedback tool that enhances a colleague’s self-awareness in line with their personal goals, the customer value proposition and company objectives. Vibe 360 inspires a 5-point development cycle.

The tool blends psychological imagery and competency-based questions with a real-time feedback option that helps participants identify what they do best and where they can improve their performance.

Vibe 360 is fully customisable in terms of the questions, and design, and is available in any language.


Measure, evaluate, improve

Use Vibe 360 to develop high-performing employees and stronger teams with 360 feedback insights that drive development, productivity and engagement.

  • Increases self-awareness and provides insights into behaviour and how people are perceived in the organisation.
  • Individuals can identify blind spots, a starting point for developing new skills and behaviours.
  • A well-rounded view of skills and behaviours is provided by the observational feedback (seen me do it) and reputational feedback (I think you do it).
  • Identifies strengths, which can contribute to a tailored development plan - focusing on strengths is key to an employee’s career growth and the success of the organisation.
  • Tailor your competency measures, questions and directional outputs to your business with our support.

Intuitive, actionable insights

The Vibe 360 report is split into three sections. Also included are recommendations to help the construction of the ensuing action plan as well as an e-learning suite with training tools to support personal development.

An ‘at a glance’ visual summary. See how reviewers rated the key competencies being considered.

Graphs showing overall perceptions of competence questions, split by each group of respondents.

Qualitative answers to open questions


Our innovative add-on is a real plus

An innovative add-on to the Vibe 360 tool is simple to use real-time feedback option. This option allows colleagues to easily and quickly rate each other (via a 5-star rating system) on their organisation’s pillars (customer-centricity, empathy etc.), giving instantaneous and trackable feedback – for example after an individual’s performance during a meeting or presentation.


We’re always on hand to help

Technological support is provided for all participants and reviewers via email, during normal business hours.

Our team are available via phone, digitally or in person to support every aspect of the process to ensure that Vibe 360 runs smoothly for you and that you extract maximum benefit from it.

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