Pulse Surveys are the epitome of ease and convenience. With the help of our intuitive survey configurator system, you’ll find pulse surveys are almost as fast to set up and send as they are for the end user to complete.

  • Choose from 5 types of survey and a bank of over 100 questions – or write your own.
  • A/B Test anything, any time anywhere.
  • Find out if your people agree or disagree at the touch of a button.
  • Ask opinion on just about anything and invite employees or customers to rate their feelings using stars or emojis.
  • Surveys take minutes to configure and seconds to complete.


Instant feedback on your performance from the people who really matter to you. Rate My lets employees and customers rate their experiences and add comments in just a couple of clicks.

  • The fastest way to collect feedback.
  • Gain an instant understanding of employee and customer mood.
  • Universal star-rating system.
  • Track changes over time and identifies trends.


Vibe technology to survey attendees at external or internal events – giving you an instant overview of the thoughts and feelings of your audience.

  • Full-length questions, multiple choice or text-based responses.
  • Display results in real time.
  • Collect questions, comments, opinions and feedback instantly.
  • Receive a detailed post-event report with insights into what people really think.


Vibe offers peer to peer feedback to help your employees to not only manage their own development but also to support their colleagues, fostering better and more collaborative internal relationships.

Our intuitive, user-friendly real-time feedback option provides colleagues with instantaneous and trackable feedback on an ongoing basis.

Colleagues can quickly and easily rate each other (via a 5-star rating system) on their organisation’s pillars (customer-centricity, empathy etc.) and the system can be used to rate an individual’s overall performance or on specific occasions such as meetings or presentations. All feedback is confidential and remains between the person giving the feedback and the recipient.

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