Engage your employees

Companies with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors by 147%

We know that the more engaged a workforce is, the more profitable and ultimately more valuable that organisation will be.

However, until engagement can be quantified and measured it cannot directly advise the value of a business and its valuable components. This is where Vibe provides a solution.

The cost of engagement

Calculating the true value of engagement

Before Vibe, valuation experts would consider a range of subjective variables known as the Company Specific Risk Premium (CSRP) to value a business.

We can use the objective engagement data that Vibe gathers to advise more intelligently the valuation expert’s model for calculating the CSRP. This means that the results from Vibe will have a direct influence on the valuation.

Your businesses engagement score

Actionable insights that will help to increase the value of your business

By using Vibe to benchmark your business’s engagement score and subsequent valuation, we can help you identify the value drivers.

We then work with you to determine the actions needed to raise engagement levels and make your business more productive, more profitable and, ultimately, more valuable.

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