Survey Platform

Easy does it

Each of Welcome, Life and Exit survey modules have 10 questions that are benchmarked against industry and national averages, so you can instantly see how new hires compare and how they progress through the lifecycle of their career.

Just like our Employee Engagement surveys, all surveys are confidential, so your employees will feel comfortable expressing their true thoughts and feelings. To make things extra easy, all surveys can be accessed via any web browser on desktop or mobile, or through our Android and iOS apps.

Company Dashboards

Put simply, this is the smartest way to track employee journeys

Our dashboards make it easy to understand how your colleagues are performing at every stage of their employee journey.

Get data that drives engagement amongst new starters, give managers the tools they need to increase productivity and reduce attrition and learn how to keep hold of your star performers with exit insights that help you to develop a happier, healthier workplace culture.

Executive Reports

Goodbye problems,
hello opportunities

Our advanced analytics enable you to compare engagement levels between new starters, existing employees and people who have chosen to leave.

You can also compare this data with industry and national benchmarks. This helps you to quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses so managers know exactly where to focus their efforts to strengthen relationships and increase engagement.

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