Survey Platform

A picture paints a thousand words

Our image surveys are fun, fast and impossible to skew, while our customisable questionnaires enable you to ask the right questions at the right time.

Users can access the platform on their desktop, iOS or Android device, and all survey responses are 100% anonymous, so your customers and/or employees feel comfortable giving completely honest feedback.

Company Dashboards

All the information you need to succeed

Your data is displayed visually on a user-friendly dashboard - giving you a full overview of the health of your company culture.

These dashboards make it easy for HR managers to slice and dice the data however they want, so they can quickly see pockets of high or low engagement and discover what’s driving them.

Executive Reports

Turn problems into opportunities

Our advanced analytics enable you to compare results between teams, departments or demographics and track progress over time, so you can uncover issues before they become problems.

Create tailored reports quickly and easily, then share the results with your teams and present actionable insights to leaders.

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